August 11, 2011 | Apple/Mac


Prior Art for the iPad: From 1994

So Apple’s suing everyone left and right who’s selling anything that looks remotely like an iPad, including getting an injunction preventing Samsung from selling its Tab in Europe. It’s amazing to me the way Apple thinks they own the very concept of a tablet. So here’s a video from 1994 talking about Knight-Ridder’s tablet-based electronic [...]

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February 23, 2010 | Digital Rights

As you might have heard, Georgian luge slider Nodar Kumaritashvili died in luge training at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver on February 12.

The International Olympics Committee has been using copyright to suppress videos of the event.

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February 13, 2010 | Interesting Web Sites


Since you’re reading this article, you’re obviously a blog reader. Some of you may also be blog writers.

So how do you get paid for the content you write, and also give your (monetary) appreciation of those you read? For some, the answer is advertising.

Another payment solution (not involving advertising) was micro-payments. Flattr is a new twist on that which might just succeed.

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February 6, 2010 | Digital Rights

NFL logo

A lot of posts on the blogosphere are talking about the NFL’s policy regarding SuperBowl parties and how it’s actually illegal to watch the SuperBowl on a TV larger than 55 inches.

But is that really true?

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