December 24, 2011 | News


Google Homepage Christmas Doodle Sings Jingle Bells

Google wishes you Merry Christmas Happy Holidays with an interactive Christmas Eve homepage doodle. You click on the lights, and notes play. Once you complete the “puzzle”, the Google letters animate, and you get to listen to the tunes of Jingle Bells.

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December 2, 2011 | Interesting Web Sites


Terry Brown from wrote in to talk about Zopeo, a new startup whose goal is to allow you to find anyone, anywhere. Read on for more.

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December 1, 2011 | Productivity Tips


As technology has advanced over the past decade, many people are turning to digital solutions for enhancing productivity. Modern smart phones offer a variety of productivity software, with an emphasis on cloud based storage. With the release of Android 4.0, many smart phones are as powerful as a personal assistant.

Google recently released Ice Cream Sandwich, commonly known as Android 4.0. Android is an operating system that powers many mobile phones. It provides a central platform for developers, allowing cross-compatibility for a wide variety of smart phones.

Read on to find out how to be productive on your mobile device.

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