May 24, 2010 | HowTo

Normally when you want to access a server on the Internet, you specify its name, like “”. What actually happens behind the scenes is that your computer finds out the “IP address” of where you want to go. The IP address is like the “telephone number” of a server. The IP address for Google is .

Read on to find out how to set IP address manually.

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May 18, 2010 | Software and Downloads


Someone complemented me the other day that I’m pretty organized. I’m going to be sharing what I use to keep organized in upcoming blogposts.

For one, I use something called Zim. It’s a desktop wiki program.

A wiki is a user-editable, interlinked set of information, like Wikipedia, or the Portland Pattern Repository, the first and original wiki.

While there are a bunch of free wiki packages, they mostly require a webserver. Zim, by contrast, runs on your computer like a normal program.

Read on for more.

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