October 26, 2011 | Windows


Windows XP used to have a feature where it would remember the size and location of your Explorer windows. But that was removed in Windows 7. All Explorer windows are bunched up in a single location at a single size. Fortunately, you can add that feature back with ShellFolderFix. Download it here. Via

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October 5, 2011 | Windows


Remember when Windows had a Start Menu with all of your programs? Remember when it didn’t make you have to remember and type the name of the program you want to find? Remember when Microsoft didn’t feel so compelled to tinker with every little feature just to make every Windows version different so people thought [...]

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August 8, 2010 | Windows


If you’ve opened up Internet Explorer 6 recently (I only do so for testing), you might have noticed that instead of the normal Microsoft portal (MSN, Live, Bing, and so on), you get a message encouraging you to upgrade your browser.

Click through for more.

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February 12, 2010 | Windows


There are reports that Microsoft’s latest update for Windows XP is crashing a lot of users’ computers. When you apply the patch and reboot, Windows says: “A problem has been detected and Windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer.”

Here’s the procedure to uninstall the patch so you boot again.

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December 14, 2009 | Digital Rights, Windows

A problem with Microsoft’s RMS (Rights Management Services) prevented Office users from viewing their own files. The problem only affected Microsoft Office 2003, not Office 2007. The TechNet bulletin seemed to be phrased in a strange way: Starting on December 11, 2009, customers using Office 2003 will not be able to open Office 2003 documents [...]

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November 25, 2009 | Digital Travails, Windows

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, I was hit pretty badly with a virus infection on my Windows XP installation. One of the symptoms was Windows shutting down almost immediately after logging in. Once I recognized the problem as virus-caused, I set out to root it out. Here’s a log of [...]

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November 23, 2009 | Windows

I got hit badly with some nasty viruses which ultimately led me to move from Windows to Ubuntu as my default operating system. First, I was hit with conficker!mem, but I didn’t know it at the time. I had noticed for a while that I wasn’t able to go to microsoft.com, but I loathed having [...]

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December 11, 2008 | Novice, Windows

Windows displays a background image on the desktop display if you want it to.  Sometimes, the computer manufacturer, such as HP or Dell, will set their own desktop image. You can change it easily if you like. Open the Display properties through Start: Control Panel.  Then click on the Desktop tab.  Select the desired image [...]

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