Dreamvue is digitivity.org’s Dreamhost account desktop management program. It allows you to interface with Dreamhost’s API to provide a somewhat different perspective on your account settings.

Dreamvue Dreamhost Desktop Management Application

Dreamvue Dreamhost Desktop Management Application


1. Install Java

Dreamvue requires Java 6; the later, the better. Get the latest Java version from java.com. Be sure to refresh your version if it’s been a while; Sun puts out a lot Java updates per year. If you have a problem running Dreamvue, check your Java.

2. Install Dreamvue


For Windows, you get a fancy-shmancy installer. It’ll install Dreamvue to C:\Program Files\Dreamvue (or whereever you like). Download the Windows Dreamvue installer here.


For those running on Mac or Linux (or anything else), you can just  download the ZIP file. Unzip it, go into the folder and double-click dreamvue.jar to run it. No installation necessary.

If, for some reason your system isn’t set up to automatically run Java files, you’ll have to execute

java -jar dreamvue.jar

Please don’t distribute the program onward; rather, point others to this page.


There’s nothing so complicated that you should require an instruction manual. Just enter your username and API key (or use the test key), and click on the items to show your account settings.

There may be some rough edges, but then again the API is pretty rough at this point as well. The application will be updated as developments occur.

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