August 8, 2010 | Windows


If you’ve opened up Internet Explorer 6 recently (I only do so for testing), you might have noticed that instead of the normal Microsoft portal (MSN, Live, Bing, and so on), you get a message encouraging you to upgrade your browser.

I say good on them. I guess they had to after IE6 users were getting all sorts of messages from Google on YouTube telling them that their browser wouldn’t be supported after a certain date for watching videos.

Here’s what the upgrade info page looks like.


And here’s Microsoft’s top 8 list of reasons to upgrade, presented here in reverse order:

8. Browse with more confidence. (security updates)
7. Make it yours. (customization)
6. Find what you want in fewer clicks. (accelerators)
5. Recover from crashes quickly. (tab isolation)
4. Browse more privately. (private browsing mode)
3. Avoid phishing scams and malware. (SmartScreen Filter)
2. Use a browser that respects your privacy. (separate address and search boxes)
1. Keep the web familiar. (use us because we’re us)

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