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One of the most annoying things about Windows is software installation. In Linux/Ubuntu if you want to install 10 software packages, you just click what software you want in the package installer, and it downloads and installs them all.

But in Windows, you go to 10 different websites, download and save their installers, run the setup programs, and click through the steps. Annoying like crazy.

Ninite is a website that lets you download a combined installer for some of the most popular free Windows programs.

How Ninite works

Go to . The homepage shows you popular, free Windows applications, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Thunderbird, VLC, Skype, iTunes, Hulu, Winamp, GIMP, IrfanView, Microsoft Office Trial, OpenOffice, Adobe Flash, anti-viruses, BitTorrent downloaders, Google Earth, VNC, 7-Zip, FileZilla (for FTP), Java, Eclipse, and Python.

Check the software you want to install and click Get Installer.

Download and run the installer.

This is actually just a small 214KB file which then downloads the individual installers for each of the programs you selected. Ninite downloads and installs each app in turn, showing a progress screen.

Ninite also offers a “pro” version that installs programs without showing the progress screen. That’d be good for an administrator installing a lot of programs on multiple computers without the users having to do or know anything about what’s happening.

Note: Ninite gives you a permalink for a given software app combination. For example, the URL for a combination of Chrome and Firefox is here.

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