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Terry Brown from wrote in to talk about Zopeo, a new startup whose goal is to allow you to find anyone, anywhere. Read on for more.

Here’s what he says:

This website will help you to find people from anytime in your life, no matter where they are – all in one place.

In Short, you can find almost anyone in the world. Find old girlfriends, boyfriends, or lost relatives. Get their public profile , current address and other details. Zopeo is a free & cool web 2.0 application without any kind of advertisements and I can assure you that your readers would love to use this cool application.

A new people search service, Zopeo is here to let us find individuals from anytime in your life, no matter where they are – all in one place. Zopeo enables users to search for people in any part of the world using nothing but their web browsers. The main selling point of this site is that it’s capable of finding deep web pages that can’t be found by any other regular search engine, or that can be found only by applying lots and lots of different filters.

Searches on the site are executed by supplying the name of the person to be found, and the place where he is actually located. Searches take just a couple of seconds to be carried out. Everything is very easy and to-the-point here.

Zopeo specializes in finding people. Using this site you can find almost anyone in the world. Find old girlfriends, boyfriends, or lost relatives. Get their current address and phone number. Do a background check on a potential babysitter or a suspicious neighbor, which includes aliases / maiden names, relatives, current and past roommates, property ownership, nationwide criminal records, bankruptcies, tax liens, civil judgments, assets, website ownership, and a lot more.

If required, more information can be found at

Have a look at and give your review below.

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